Oil with Designation of Origin Estepa

The most demanding designation of origin for the certification of extra virgin olive oil.


The Estepa Denomination of Origin stands out with more than 100 prestigious awards, including OCU recognitions. Our extra virgin olive oils are applauded for their excellence all over the world.

The most demanding entity for the certification

The Estepa Designation of Origin sets standards higher than international regulations to ensure that each certified extra virgin olive oil reaches exceptional levels of quality, flavor and health benefits. Discover excellence in every drop.

100% Sustainable, 100% Committed to the Environment

Protecting the environment is part of our essence. All our certified extra virgin olive oil is produced using sustainable methods, which guarantee the conservation of the environment generation after generation.

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We are the Designation of Origin with more certified varieties.

Our oils

Wide range of extra virgin olive oils according to each dish.