Committed to the Environment

100% Sustainable, 100% Committed to the Environment

We are committed to the preservation and regeneration of the environment, aware that protecting the environment is the best legacy we can leave to future generations.

100% of the territory covered by the Protected Designation of Origin Estepa has sustainable agriculture, as it uses integrated and organic production methods for the production of its extra virgin olive oil. Both methods are totally respectful of the environment and, furthermore, are carried out under total traceability, which means that the product is totally safe for the consumer.

Everything starts with the olive tree, where our growers have a specialist technician for every 2,500 hectares of olive groves, to advise and control the different tasks required in the day-to-day running of the crop.

These technical controls detect possible diseases and pests that may affect the olive tree and its fruit.

The traceability of our extra virgin olive oil is guaranteed from the origin, as all the tasks carried out are recorded in a farm logbook. We carry out an integral follow-up of the product, from the moment the olive is in the olive tree, to its transformation into extra virgin olive oil, storage and packaging.

The food produced and elaborated with these sustainable production techniques has an excellent guarantee of food safety, quality and respect for the environment, fundamental criteria when choosing an extra virgin olive oil.

United for the sustainable future of the olive grove.

BIOLIVAR is a collaborative project, whose main objective is to understand how to improve management practices on an exploitation scale to make profitable and high-quality production sustainable, with an enhancement of biodiversity and sustainable use of soil and water, employing strategies applicable to multiple types of olive groves.

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Proud to be part of the SustainOlive Project.

The Estepa Designation of Origin is one of the members of the ‘Sustainolive’ project, whose aim is to enhance the sustainability of the extra virgin olive oil sector through the implementation of environmentally friendly techniques.
The overall goal of Sustainolive is to promote sustainability in the olive oil sector through the implementation and promotion of innovative and sustainable solutions in management practices, based on agroecological concepts and effective, active knowledge exchange among the key stakeholders in the sector. The SUSTAINOLIVE consortium consists of 22 entities from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, and Morocco, including 8 universities, 4 research centers, 9 olive grower associations, and a company dedicated to disseminating and promoting the olive sector.

The project offers a series of agroecology fact sheets and informative infographics, available for free and of tremendous interest.