Oleoestepa Organic P.D.O.

Extra virgin olive oil from organic farming, whose organoleptic profile features the predominant fruitiness of green olives over that of ripe olives, with sensory notes reminiscent of green almonds, vegetables such as artichokes, freshly cut grass and green olive leaves. Its entry into the mouth is sweet with a slight bitterness and spiciness which produces a well-balanced and harmonious effect.


Perfect for salads, fresh cheeses and chilled soups.


Glass is the container offering the best hygiene and safety conditions. Oleoestepa uses dark glass because it offers extra virgin olive oil better protection from light and its oxidative effects. Glass containers also offer the possibility of recycling, making a positive contribution to the environment.


Organic Oleoestepa
500 ml

Organic Oleoestepa
2,5 l