An exceptional oil made mainly from hojiblanca olives

Puricon Multivarietal, aceite de oliva virgen extra amparado bajo la DOP Estepa


Expert selection of primarily hojiblanca olives, harvested under the strictest production standards at the moment of optimal ripeness—when the olive is turning colour from green to purple. This results in an intensely green extra virgin olive oil with aromas of freshly cut grass, green fruit and almond with balanced intensity of bitterness and pungency.


  • First Prize Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Seville. Provincial Council of Seville. Harvest 2008/2009.

Available formats

aceite puricon 500 ml

Puricon multivarietal 500 ml

lata 5 litros Puricon aceite de oliva virgen extra

Puricon multivarietal 5 l

lata 2,5 l aceite de oliva virgen extra Puricon

Puricon multivarietal 2,5 l

Case 2 x 500 ml Puricon


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