100 Extra Virgin

The Estepa Designation of Origin only certifies an oil when it is an extraordinary extra virgin. To do this, we carry out exhaustive quality controls throughout the processing and packaging process.

The certification managers of the Regulatory Council of the Steppe Designation of Origin carry out numerous checks throughout the campaign to ensure that both the practices used in the olive grove and the quality of the final oil correspond to the required by the entity.

This seal, which appears on the packaging of our certified brands, guarantees that it is an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality.

More demanding than regulations

The Denomination of Origin Steppe, with the aim of making all its extra-covered virgin olive oils among the highest quality in the world, has a specification that contains much higher demands than the regulations international for an extra virgin olive oil. In this way, whenever we are before a D.O.Estepa oil we can be sure that its quality is beyond doubt.

«Amazing place to stay»

Acidity: The D.O.P. Estepa demands a lower acidity from its oils than Community regulations. Acidity is one of the quality parameters of virgin olive oils, since a low value indicates that the oil comes from healthy and fresh olives.

Fruited: The extra virgins of the D.O.P.Estepa have a higher fruitthane than the regulation marks, another parameter that defines the excellence of the covered oils.

Polyphenols and Tocopherols: Oils of the appellation of origin Steppe have high rates of antioxidants, whose consumption is associated with better cellular health, which implies lower risk of disease.

100 Sustainable

All extra virgin olive oils certified by the Steppe Designation of Origin have been produced by environmentally friendly methods, a unique milestone within all olelecola designations of origin.

logos integrated and organic production

All oils from the D.O.Estepa are accompanied by one of these sustainable certificates, the Integrated Production or the Ecological Production

In the territory covered by the Steppe Denomination of Origin imports the quality of the extra virgin olive oil obtained, but it is also essential how the product is obtained, since it requires the use of good practices in the olive grove, always respecting the environment under an indispensable slogan in the region of Estepa and Puente Genil, that of environmental heritage.

«Each generation must leave the olive grove and the environment in better condition to the next generation»


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