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We are aware of the important role we play in taking care of the environment. This is why all the oil in our territory is produced under the Integrated and Ecological Production methods, which are both completely sustainable and safe for consumers. We are committed to the conservation and regeneration of the environment, conscious of the fact that a well cared for environment is the best legacy we can leave to our future generations.

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Integrated and Ecological Production

One hundred per cent of the area covered by the Protected Designation of Origin Estepa practices sustainable agriculture, as integrated and ecological production methods are used to prepare their extra virgin olive oils. Both methods are thoroughly respectful of the environment and, additionally, are carried out with full traceability, which means a completely safe product for the consumer.

Both Ecological and Integrated Production are based upon a set of environmentally friendly agricultural production techniques to obtain high-quality products. They make reasonable use of natural resources, especially water, while also avoiding soil erosion, among other things, thus guaranteeing long-term agricultural sustainability in order to leave a more inhabitable planet for the future.

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Technical advice

It all begins with the olive tree. Our farmers count on technical advice and management from an agronomist, one for every 2,500 hectares of olive groves (25 agronomists in our territory). These technical controls detect possible diseases and pests affecting the olive tree and its fruit. If necessary, the agronomists will recommend occasional action be taken against pests or diseases. These measures are always performed bearing in mind the health and safety of the local flora and fauna, guaranteeing that the fruit obtained is free of any type of residual pesticides. To this end, only active matters authorized for this crop are used in the olive grove, always in the appropriate doses and within the dates stipulated in the regulations.

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Traceability and Safety

Traceability is guaranteed from the very beginning, as every task performed is recorded in an orchard register. The product is fully monitored, from the time the olive is in the olive tree, to its transformation into extra virgin olive oil, storage and packaging.

For the consumer, the food produced and prepared with these sustainable production techniques has an outstanding guarantee of food safety, quality and environmental sustainability, criteria that should be taken into account when purchasing.

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