Protected designation of origin Steppe

The Estepa Designation of Origin is currently one of the most awarded and recognized in the world for the quality of its extra virgin olive oils.

The D.O.P.Estepa is the most demanding entity when it comes to certifying an extra virgin olive oil, hence many of its covered oils have important national and international awards. Its renowned olive juices come from the Shire of Estepa and Puente Genil, a territory that has an ancient history and the know-how of more than 4,500 olive families who remain faithful to the tradition of giving each year the best fruit to produce the most exquis ito Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Mapa de la comarca de Estepa
Tipos de aceitunas - Denominación de Origen Protegida Estepa

The varieties covered by the Steppe Designation of Origin (Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Selection and Virgin Steppe)

These varieties stand out among other aspects for their fruity, the richness of aromas with which they count, whose smells remind us of freshly cut grass, green fruits (almond, apple, banana, tomato,…) In addition, all the extra virgins of the Estepa Designation of Origin have a balance of bitter and spicy, fundamental characteristics in a good oil, which make it delicious to the palate.

The Estepa Designation of Origin has also managed to get 100 in its territory to work under the integrated production method, a set of techniques that guarantee the care of the environment and food safety.


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